Juffrouw Ducaet

Juffrouw Ducaet as yearling on The Ducaet Estate in Lommel, Belgium.

Three Olympic legends and direct family of Gazpacho Ducaet: Ahlerich (Dr. Reiner Klimke (Germany), Amon (Anne-Marie Sanders-Keyser, The Nederlanths) and Rembrandt (Nicole Uphoff, Germany).

Juffrouw Ducaet is a full sister of Gazpacho Ducaet. She is a daughter of Saros van 't Gestelhof (V. Ramiro Z) and Nova Zembla (V. Alcatraz). She has an absolutely beautiful appearance. In 2010, she won the championship of the yearling series. unfortunately, a regrettable accident shortly afterward has definitively hampered her promising future.

The father of Juffrouw Ducaet, Saros van 't Gestelhof, is a black son of Ramiro, who has won just about everything as a young horse. As a 9-year-old he already had more than 70 wins and 6 titles. At the age of 6, he placed fourth at the World Championship in Verden (Germany). At the age of seven he won the presidential international title "Best Young Stallion " in Zwolle (The Netherlands) and became Belgian champion Prix St-Georges. Saros made the transition to the Grand Prix as a 9-year-old and immediately won 2 victories.

This large and perfectly modeled stallion descends on his father's side from the world-famous stallion Ramiro Z, a legendary progenitor sire who was one of the few horses to have produced both top dressage and top showjumping horses.

The dam of Juffrouw Ducaet, Nova Zembla has the typical characteristics of the breeding mares of Studfarm Ducaet : she combines the best European dressage blood and showjumping horses on both mother's and father's side.
She is a daughter of Alcatraz, who combines the best dressage and showjumping blood of European warmblood breeding: Angelo XX - Paradox I. Crowned relatives of Alcatraz include Ahlerich, the dressage horse of the century under Dr. Reiner Klimke , Amon under Annemarie Sanders-Keyser and Rembrandt under Nicole Uphoff.

On her mother's side, Nova Zembla Ducaet combines the enormous showjumping ability and the very good movements of Goldschlaeger Z, Gotthard and Eratosthenes xx.


Nova Zembla Ducaet (V. Alcatraz)

Juffrouw or Mejuffrouw, abbreviated as Mej., previously written as Jufrouw, is an obsolete name for an unmarried woman, as a counterpart to the name Mrs. or the French Madame for a married woman. In the past, the designation "Juffrouw" was also used for married women.

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