Génépi Ducaet

Génépi Ducaet

Génépi Ducaet at The Ducaet Estate, Lommel, Belgium.

Génépi Ducaet is a daughter of Parco , the former top horse of Ludo Philippaerts. His father is the legendary Darco , the absolute number one worldwide in the elite club of top performance stallions.
Parco is the winner of an endless row of absolute international jumping competitions. The mother of Parco, in turn, descends directly via Attack Z from the phenomenal world stallion Almé Z, who has delivered countless top products in both breeding and showjumping.
On her mother's side, Génépi Ducaet descends from Lys de Darmen, one of the best bloodlines in the history of the Belgian Warmblood horse (BWP).
Lys de Darmen was therefore highly appreciated by "Ambassador BWP" and thus entered the gallery of the greatest in the BWP studbook.
Because of her exceptional pedigree, Génépi Ducaet was used exclusively as a breeding mare. She is the mother of Kahlúa Ducaet (V. Arko III) and of Ladybird Ducaet (Arko III).
She is currently in foal by Untouchable (V. Hors La Loi II).

Darco (V. Lugano van La Roche)

Untouchable (V. Hors La Loi II)

Parco (V. Darco)

Hors la Loi II (V. Papillon Rouge)

Génépi is the name of a very delicate mountain plant that grows at high altitudes in the Alps. It serves as the basis for the well-known  Italian drink with the same name. 

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