Idora : founding mother of Ducaet

Eratosthenes xx - Leverancier van opvallende springpaarden.

Idora (V. Eratosthenes xx) is the founding mother of our breeding farm.

She is the mother of Goldschlägertochter (V. Goldschläger Z - VV. Gotthard) who in turn is the mother of Truus Ducaet (V. Lys de Darmen) and the grandmother of Genépi Ducaet (V. Parco).

Génépi Ducaet is the mother of Kahlúa Ducaet (V. Arko III) and Lady Bird Ducaet (V. Arko III).

At the time, she jumped internationally at a top level, with riders such as Frans van Herten and Sven Harmssen.

Idora was a daughter of the famous English thoroughbred Erathosthenes xx.

After Eratosthenes xx had raced in England for a few years, the brown stallion was imported into the Netherlands in 1961. From his approval as a stallion in 1964 on, Eratosthenes xx has earned his spurs in  breeding riding horses by delivering performance horses, several of which have achieved exceptional results, especially in showjumping.

In 1967 he was killed in an accident after a blow of a mare to be covered. As a result, he was only able to cover a limited number of mares (83 registered stallion foals and 53 registered daughters), but  several attractive and well-bred mares remained of him at the time.

Idora was one of them!

In top sport, despite his relatively short period as a stallion, he has left several remarkable jumpers.


A random, non-exhaustive list:

"Horatio" with Eric Wauters,
"Echo" of Eva Van Paesschen,
"Swiftness D" under Harrie Wouters van den Oudenweijer,
"Isocrates S" from Piet Raymakers,
"Iwan F" with Rob Eras
and so too:

"Idora" with Frans van Herten

"Idora" with Sven Harmssen

"Daby B", met Fonny Cox!

Gotthard, ontegensprekelijk een van de allergrootste Hanoveraanse stamvaders. Zeven jaar lang was hij de absolute top-leverancier van springpaarden in Duitsland.

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